• Bedrooms – your private sanctuary

    Bedrooms – your private sanctuary

    Get away from it all by creating a zen-space to relax and unwind.

  • The kitchen – the heart of the home

    The kitchen – the heart of the home

    Why does everyone end up in the kitchen? Probably because that’s where all the goodies are, so make it beautiful while functional!

  • Living Rooms – a place for family and friends

    Living Rooms – a place for family and friends

    A space to to relax, enjoy good times and entertain.

  • The bathroom – practical and extravagant

    The bathroom – practical and extravagant

    From it’s humble beginnings to a spa-like encounter, your bathroom really cleans up.

  • Dining Room Design – breaking bread in style

    Dining Room Design – breaking bread in style

    Great dinner parties deserve great surroundings….make it a night to remember.

Interior design is a symphony of diverse elements coming together to create a space that reflects your personal taste and design style.

It pays to hire a professional interior design consultant when you’re renovating or making decisions about finishes to your existing or new-construction home. Their experience can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, by knowing the pitfalls and best practices in construction and design.

When it comes to deciding the finishes on your home, it may seem like an overwhelming task. It’s made easier with Design Connextions by your side. Our years of experience in designing interiors for a local builder means we know the process both forwards and backwards. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Interior Design Services in London Ontario

Function, form, colour, contrast, material, texture, light and furniture all play a role in the creation of a space designed just for you. It takes know-how of all these elements to make it a reality.

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Top Ten Design Tips for your home or office

Tip #1: LIGHTING. First assess how much natural light you have. Take into consideration any focal points, then combine floor and table lamps and candles to create a flexible lighting plan.

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Been putting off talking to someone about your design challenges either at home or your office? Now’s the time to take advantage of our FREE consultation of your space.

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Interior Design London Ontario

Our process will have your home looking as you envisioned with a lot less hassle than if you tried to tackle it on your own. Benefit from Design Connextions years of experience in design, liaison to contractors, and sourcing the right elements to turn your space into a true representation of your taste and style. Find out more.